You have probably stumbled across a few twitter profiles that look amazing. Knowing some simple steps can get yours above par as well. If you are not a graphic designer, you may need to hire one. Twitter gives you some customization options, but if you are trying to promote your brand or need to display your logo, that will not be sufficient.

Before we start, visit a local Houston copier reseller’s twitter page that I customized. The banner on the left was the only part that I designed. The rest of the background are modified through the settings provided by twitter. So, let’s get to it. Here are some simple steps that you can take to improve your profile’s appearance.

Step 1- Design or have your designer create a banner for you. The one I’m using in this tutorial is 200x600px. That is generally a standard size, but if you want to go a bit larger or smaller you absolutely can. Just don’t go too big, because if someone is looking at your page on a smaller monitor your banner may overlap with the feed in the middle. Make sure you save the banner as a .png or jpg. A .png is useful if you need to have a transparent background.

twitter banner design

Step 2- Log in to your twitter account. Once you have logged in, you will notice an icon in the top right of the menu that looks like a person (from the shoulders up). Click it and a drop down menu will display. Choose Settings.
See the screenshot below for a visual.

Login to profile

Step 3- Once you have opened the settings page, you will see a menu button that says “Design.” Click Design. Your screen will look similar to the image below.

Step 4- You will see some premade theme options at the top. Look below that to the area titled “Customize your own.” Click “Choose File” and a popup will allow you to find your image. Select the image and click Open.

selecting custom image

Step 5- Save Changes and you will see the image display on the left hand side of your profile page. Once you can see the image, change your background color to what fits best with your image.

twitter background color customization

That’s it! You have just customized your twitter page. Not so bad after all, was it? If you found this tutorial useful, please like, share, and subscribe. I will be updating tutorials often. Check back for how to design an awesome background pattern.